Past Presidents

Thank you to our Past Presidents 
for making the Charleston Contractors' Association 
what it is today. We appreciate the dedication and 
support you each put into this association.
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NameCurrent Company (Company During Presidency)Year
NameCurrent Company (Company During Presidency)Year
Gene Garrett Hill Construction  2019 
Jayson Norman The Whiting-Turner 2018 
Andrew Hagood Trident Construction  2017 
Wilson Taylor Van-Smith Concrete Company 2016 
Skylar Ashby Palmetto Construction Group 2015 
Todd Bulwinkle Trident Construction 2014 
Ted Chestnut Coward Hund Construction Company 2013 
Ted Chestnut Coward Hund Construction Company 2012 
Will Danielson NBM Construction 2010 
Mike Blanchard Charles Blanchard Construction 2009 
Gil Jackson Palmetto Construction Group 2008 
Ben Smith Trident Construction Company (Coward-Hund Construction Company) 2007 
Charles Branks Branks Construction 2006 
Ray Maher Brantley Construction 2005 
Andy Groves Southcon (Newton Builders) 2004 
Gene Beckman Trident Construction Company 2003 
Joey Infinger Emory J. Infinger & Associates 2002 
John Martschink, III Dawson, Inc. 2001 
Chris Cullum Cullum Constructors 2000 
Tim Kennedy Trident Construction Company 1999 
Mark Long Dawson Inc. 1998 
David Lewis Trulane General Contracting 1997 
C. Ronald Coward, Jr Coward-Hund Construction Company 1996 
Peter A. McKeller, IV Harbor Contracting (Harbortowne General Contractors) 1995 
David C. Haun Emory J. Infinger & Associates 1994 
Bill Brooks Trident Construction Company 1993 
John David Griffith Trident Construction Company 1992 
Allen Dawson Dawson Inc  1991 
Bob Dunn Hill Construction Corporation 1990 
Burke Lee Lee Builders (Yocum Associates) 1989 
David E. Matthews Harbortowne General Contractors 1988 
David P. Hill Hill Construction Corporation 1987 
Jow Kahrs Ruscon Corporation 1986 
Michael J. Colavita Brantley Construction (Coward-Hund Construction Company) 1985 
William M. Wieters W.M. Wieters Construction Company 1984 
E. Burrow Hill, III Hill Construction Corporation 1983 
Emory J. Infinger Emory J. Infinger & Associates (Ruscon Construction Company) 1982 
Gary M. Coward Coward-Hund Construction Company 1981 
Kenneth J. Gilliam ABC Awning and Venetian Blind Company 1980 
W. Loring Lee, III R.C. Steel Building Company 1979 
Furman R. Cullum Cullum Mechanical Contractors 1978 
Garland S. Daniel Atlantic Electric Company 1977 
Paul H. Hund, Jr Coward-Hund Construction Company (Ruscon Construction Company) 1976 
Herbert Johnson General Contracting Company 1975 
James Hardi Pyramid Builders 1974 
W.J.F. Doscher Davis & Doscher Construction Company 1973 
David K. Sheppard Ruscon Construction Company 1972 
Ronald S Banks Banks Construction Company 1971 
J.W. Johnson, Jr General Contracting Company 1970 
C. Ronald Coward Coward-Hund Construction Company (R.C. Steel Building Co) 1969 
Paul E. Blanchard Paul E. Blanchard, GC (*C.W. Blanchard) 1968 
Charles Wilson, Jr Ruscon Construction Company 1967 
S.V. Sottile Construction Service Company 1966 
C. Preston Floyd Palmetto 1965 
W.C. Lewis Armco Metal 1964 
John Hartnet Construction Service Company 1963 
Claude W. Blanchard, Jr. Keating Insulation & Roofing Company (*C.W. Blanchard) 1962 
Edwin B Hill, Jr. Hill Construction Corporation 1961 
J.R. Adams Adams Construction Company, Inc. 1960 
Charles Thompson  1959 
R.B. Russell, Sr Ruscon Corporation 1958 
Showing 61 items