Citadel Civil Engineering 2020 Summer II Online Graduate Courses

Post date: May 13, 2020 11:05:38 PM

The Citadel is offering 2 great online graduate courses in their Dept. during Summer II. Please see attached flier for more details. Here are some reasons to register:

  1. Engineers or professionals who would like to learn about advanced GIS methods

  2. Engineers who would like to learn about new structural design codes

  3. Engineers who are seeking high-level professional development hours

  4. Engineers who are looking to expand their analytical skills and capabilities in the job market.

  5. Engineers who may be interested in pursuing a MSCE degree or certificate.

These graduate courses can be taken as pass/fail or audited. Here are 2 graduate course offerings:

Online Summer II ( June 29- August 13, 2020)

CIVL 506 81 Geographic Information Systems MW 1700 2000 Dr. Kweku Brown, PE pending

CIVL 608 81 Structural Loads and Systems TR 1700 2000 Dr. Timothy Mays, PE

CIVL 506 Course Description: Course focuses on data analysis and application methods for engineers, planners and related professions. Topics include spatial analysis, geostatistical analysis, 3-D modeling, and vector/raster modeling. Focus is on spatial data structures in GIS, geo-spatial data acquisition, geoprocessing, geostatistical methods; visualization, exploration of spatial data; network analysis, terrain mapping, spatial analysis, and modeling.

CIVL 608 Course Description: The course will provide a comprehensive overview of load determination procedures for building systems. Dead, Live, Flood, Rain, Snow, Wind, and Seismic load determination procedures will be presented in accordance with ASCE/SEI 7-16 and the 2018 International Building Code. Seismic design will include standard practice modeling and analysis procedures for buildings, diaphragms, structures similar to buildings, and foundation systems.